SURFboard® Cable Modem

The ARRIS SB5101 Series SURFboard® Cable Modems unlock the potential of offering high-speed data service to consumers. Consumers can get their favorite websites quickly, download graphics with unbelievable ease and enjoy real-time interactive PC gaming and expand console gaming with broadband Internet access from the cable modem market leader. Incorporating DOCSIS®/EuroDOCSIS 2.0 technology, the SB5101 Series allows your customer to surf the Internet at speeds as high as 30 Mbps. Powerful, flexible and easy to install and use, the SB5101 Series cable modems maximize your current infrastructure investment while allowing you to offer new value-added services to your customers.

Features plug-and-play installation

Supports standard Internet software

Provides front-panel LEDs indicate status and simplify troubleshooting

Offers optional installation assistant (models SB5101U/UE) on CD-ROM

Delivers DOCSIS/Euro DOCSIS 2.0 certified

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