SURFboard® Wireless Network Extender with RipCurrent™

SURFboard® Wired Network Extender with RipCurrent™ The SURFboard® SBX-AC1200P Wi-Fi® Hotspot is the perfect accessory to the SURFboard® Wi-Fi® Routers with RipCurrent™. Providing whole-home coverage, the SBR-AC1200P eliminates dead-zones and blankets your home with superior Wi-Fi®. RipCurrent™ utilizes your home’s existing electrical lines, via technology to expand your network coverage*. Unlike traditional old-school network extenders that cut your overall throughput by up to 50%, SURFboard® Wi-Fi® Hotspots with RipCurrent™ do not experience interruptions from other household devices. Plus they have an Ethernet port for wired networking. Stop spending money on old technology and invest in SURFboard® RipCurrent™ Networking Products. Any outlet. Anywhere. It just works.

Dual-band concurrent N300 + AC900

802.11ac Wi-Fi® speeds up to 1200 Mbps

4 high-performance internal antennas

Compatible with SURFboard® RipCurrent™ Routers and Extenders

Simple set-up with ARRIS SURFboard® Manager Mobile App

The ARRIS SURFboard® Manager app makes setting up your RipCurrent™ network as simple as scanning a QR code. All RipCurrent™ routers are tagged with a QR code. When scanned, the QR code automatically connects SURFboard® RipCurrent™ accessory devices such as the Wi-Fi® Hotspot or Wired Network Extender to the secure, RipCurrent™ network.

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