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ARRIS Touchstone Battery Backup Comparison Chart

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Which battery backup model is compatible with my Touchstone modem?

Reference the comparison chart to select the appropriate battery backup model for the Touchstone modem.

Battery Backup Model Comparison Chart

Battery Product Model Number & Description 
Standby Hold-Up TimeUp to 5 hoursUp to 8 hoursUp to 12 hoursUp to 16 hoursUp to 24 hours
Battery Product ID718003N/A718005N/A789699N/AN/A718005N/A785171721192
Battery Modem NumberBPB022SNVG ProductBPB044SBPA022ABPB026STB160990857BPB044SBPD088HBPD066HBPB088S
Battery Sku Number790513586185-002-007905127905117940681000500239-0990857790512802251802251790514
Model Compatibility:
AT&T NVG589/NVG599 X         
Frontier NVG589 X         
Pace 5268AC      X    
SBV3202    X      
SVG2482AC  X        
TG852G    X  X   
TG862G & TG862R    X  X   
TG1652G  X        
TG1662G  X        
TG1672G  X        
TG1682G  X        
TG2472G  X        
TG3452     X     
TM402G   X       
TM402P   X       
TM502GX      X   
TM502HX      X   
TM504GX      X  X
TM504HX      X  X
TM602GX      X  X
TM604G       X  X
TM608G       X   
TM702       X   
TM722G       XX  
TM802    X  X X 
TM804       X X 
TM822G & TM822R    X  X X 
TM1602G       XX  
WTM552GX      X   
WTM652G       X   



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