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McAfee® SHI (Android): View Device Status

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How do I view devices in the home network using the McAfee® Secure Home Internet app?
The McAfee® Secure Home Internet (SHI) app provides details of the devices connected to the home network.  The device's connection status, device name and type, manufacturer, Parental Controls, and Anti-virus protection are displayed.  This document describes how to view the device status in the McAfee® SHI app.   

View Device Status
  1. Tap the McAfee® SHI icon to launch the app.  The Home screen will appear. 
  2. ​On the Home screen, tab on Devices.  The Devices screen will appear.

    User-added image
  3. The Devices screen will display the device's connection status, device name and type, manufacturer, Parental Controls, and Anti-virus protection.  Tap the device for additional information.  The device details screen will appear.

    User-added image
    1. Connection StatusUser-added imageDevice connected to the Internet
    User-added imageDevice connected, but Internet Paused
     User-added imageDevice offline
    User-added imageDevice blocked from the Internet
    2. Device Type  User-added imageType of device
    3. Device Name  N/ADevice's name
    4. Manufacturer  N/ADevice's manufacturer
    5. Parental ControlsUser-added imageParental Controls is enabled
    6. Anti-virus User-added imageDevice is not protected with Anti-virus software
  4. The selected device details screen list the following:

    User-added image
    1. StatusConnection Status (Online, Paused, Offline, and or Blocked)
    2. IP AddressThe IP address the device is assigned by the home router
    3. Anti-virusIdentifies Anti-virus software protection 



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