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McAfee® SHI: Malicious Sites

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How does McAfee® SHI protect my devices from malicious web sites?
The McAfee® Secure Home Internet (SHI) protects client devices from malicious web sites using McAfee® GTI (Global Threat Intelligence).  McAfee® SHI performs a check with McAfee® GTI on any IP-based client that connects to the SHI enabled router.  McAfee® GTI flags potential malicious websites and provides a warning to prevent inadvertent browsing of those sites.  This document describes how McAfee® SHI protects individual client devices from malicious sites.

What Happens When a Client Device Browses to a Malicious Site

NOTE: To test if a client device is being protected from malicious websites by McAfee® SHI, browse to  This website is not malicious, but has been flagged by McAfee® GTI for testing purposes. 

  1. The first client device that attempts to browse to a malicious site upon initial setup or after a factory reset will be redirected to the McAfee® Welcome page that includes messaging about Secure Home Internet.  To continue to the site, it is required to select to keep McAfee® SHI active, or to disable McAfee® SHI.
    • Keep McAfee® SHI active by clicking the Keep protecting me button.  Doing so agrees to the Terms of Service and Policy Notice.  The client device will be redirected to a Malicious Site Warning page informing of the risk.  Any other client devices that attempt to browse to a malicious site will also be redirected to the block page. 
    • Disable McAfee® SHI by clicking on the I don't agree - disable Secure Home Internet link.  The client device is directed to a McAfee® countdown page and will be directed to the intended website after the countdown timer is completed.  This removes the McAfee® SHI protection from the home network and malicious sites can then be browsed by all client devices.
    NOTE: The McAfee® Welcome page can be ignored by browsing to a different site that is not flagged as malicious.  McAfee® SHI will remain active and the McAfee® Welcome page will be presented the next time browsing to a malicious site.

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  2. When McAfee® SHI is enabled, a client device browsing to a malicious site will be directed to a Malicious Site Warning page warning of the risk.  To bypass the warning and continue to the site, click on Continue to Site.

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  3. If Continue to Site is selected, the browser will be redirected to the actual website.

    WARNING: It is not recommended to continue to sites that have been flagged as potential attack sites by McAfee® GTI.  Visiting these sites can exposes the client device to a higher risk of malware infection and data theft.

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  4. When a client device is restricted by McAfee® Parental Controls and attempts to browse to a malicious site, it will be redirected to a Malicious Site Warning page without an option to continue to the site.

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