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SB6141: LED Light Status

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What does the LED lights indicate on my SB6141 modem?

This document describes the function of the front and back panel LED lights on the SB6141.

Front Panel


LED IconBlinkingOn (Solid)
User-added imageNot applicable - icon does not blink.Green: Power is properly connected.
User-added imageScanning for a downstream (receive) channel connection.Green: Non-bonded downstream channel is connected.
Blue*: High-speed Internet connection with bonded downstream channels.
User-added imageScanning for an upstream (send) channel connection.Green: Non-bonded upstream channel is connected.
Blue*: High-speed Internet connection with bonded upstream channels.
User-added imageScanning for an Internet connection.Green: Startup process completed.
User-added imageTransmitting or receiving data on the Ethernet port.Amber: A computer, hub, or other network device is connected to the Ethernet (10Base-T) or Fast Ethernet (100Base-T) port.
Blue*: High-speed Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T) connection is made from the SB6141 to the computer.
Blue*: Indicates DOCSIS 3.0 operation (high-speed Internet access) which may not be available in all locations.  Check with the service provider for availability in the area. 

Back Panel


Port NameDescription
User-added image
One 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet port for RJ-45 network cable connection:
  • No LED



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