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SBG6782 (v8.4.x): UPnP Setup

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How do I enable UPnP in my SBG6782?

UPnP™ (Universal Plug and Play) is a set of protocols that allows a PC to automatically discover other UPnP devices (anything from an Internet gateway device to a light switch), retrieve an XML description of the device and its services, control the device, and subscribe to real-time event notification.

PCs using UPnP can retrieve the Gateway's WAN IP address, and automatically create NAT port maps.  This means that applications that support UPnP, and are used with UPnP enabled Motorola Gateway, will not need application layer gateway support on the Motorola Gateway to work through NAT.  This is an ideal setup if the applications or services require UPnP.  By default UPnP is enabled in the SBG6782 Gateway.  This document describes how to enable and UPnP.

To Enable UPnP

  1. Launch a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. Enter into the address box, and press the Enter key.  The Login page appears.

    NOTE: By default the LAN IP address is  If the default address has been changed, enter the custom address in the address box.
  2. On the Login page:
    a.   Enter admin in the Username field.
    b.   Enter motorola in the Password field.
    NOTE 1:  For units that have been leased or purchased by Shaw Communications, the username is cusadmin, and the password is the Customer S/N (Serial Number), located on a white sticker on the bottom of the unit.

    NOTE 2:  If the unit has been leased or purchased by Time Warner Cable, and the admin username and motorola password does not allow access to the GUI, please contact Time Warner for assistance.

    c.   Click the Login button.  The Home page appears.

  3. Move the mouse-cursor over the Advanced tab and select the Options sub-link.  The Advanced - Options page appears.
  4. On the Advanced Options page:
    a.   Check the UPnP Enable option.
    b.   Click the Apply button.




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