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SBV3202: Battery Installation and Replacement

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How do I install the battery for my SBV3202 Modem?
The SBV3202 Modem supports a Lithium-Ion backup battery to provide continued telephone service during power outages.  It is not intended to take the place of AC power.  The battery is sold separately and is an optional feature.  This document describes how to install the backup battery. 

There are 3 types of battery backup available:
  • Basic Backup Battery - provides up to 6 hours (black) or 8 hours (green) of backup time.
  • Extended Backup Battery - provides up to 12 hours of backup time.
  • Maximum Backup Battery - provides up to 18 hours (6-cell) or 24 hour (8-cell) of backup time.  
Backup Battery Installation
  1. Press down and pull back on the latch holding the battery door.  Pull the door out and set aside.

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  2. Hold the battery pack so that the guides on the battery align with the slots on the Modem.
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  3. Push the battery pack into the bay until it seats into place.  If the battery is being removed from the Modem, position the fingers in the battery opening area and use leverage to dislodge the battery while pulling it straight back.

    NOTE: Batteries will not insert completely into the Modem if not oriented correctly.  The battery should slide into the bay without significant force.  Line up the guides on the battery with the slots in the battery bay.

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  4. Place the hinge tabs of the battery door into the receiver slot inside the Modem battery compartment on the opposite side end of the battery opening slot.  Rotate the door toward the unit until the latch snaps back into place.

    NOTE: If the Maximum Backup Battery is used the door is not needed.

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