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SBV3202: Supported Battery Back-up Models

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What battery back-up models are supported on the SBV3202 Modem?
The SBV3202 includes a battery back-up feature for XFINITY Voice service subscribers.  The battery is optional and can be purchased at  The battery back-up will allow the voice service to function in case of a power outage, but is not intended to replace the AC power for an extended period of time.  The SBV3202 supports 4 different battery back-up models.  This document describes the supported battery back-up for the SBV3202 modem. 

Supported Back-up Batteries

Supported Back-up Batteries
Battery Model Number Battery Part Number (Product ID)Standby Hold-Up TimeOrderable Battery SKU Number
BPB022S718003Up to 5 hours790513
BPB026S789699Up to 8 hours794068
BPB044S718005Up to 12 hours790512
BPD088H785171Up to 16 hours802251



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