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SBV3202: Troubleshooting Battery Back-up

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How do I determine when to replace the battery back-up in the SBV3202 Modem?
The SBV3202 includes a battery back-up feature for XFINITY Voice service subscribers.  The battery is optional and can be purchased at  The battery back-up will allow the voice service to function in case of a power outage, but is not intended to replace the AC power for an extended period of time.  The available talk time can last up to 5 hours or provide 8 hours in standby time.  

The battery back-up status can be verified by accessing the SBV3202 Web Manager.  The battery back-up will perform an initial test charge when a battery is installed.  The Battery Operational Status will display BATTERY REPLACE when the installed battery back-up needs to be replaced.  TELEMETRY NORMAL is displayed when the battery back-up is functioning.  This document describes the step to determine if the battery back-up needs replacement.​

Determine if the Battery Back-up Needs Replacement
  1. Launch a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.  Enter into the address box, and press the Enter key.  The Status page will appear.

    NOTE: Firmware version 9.1.103AA65L and later includes a new feature of Web Manager login using custom credentials.  For assistance with Web Manager login, refer to article # 17705 – SBV3202 Web Manager Access.
  2. Click the CM State link on the main menu.  The Registration Status page will appear. 
  3. On the Registration Status page, if BATTERY REPLACE appears in the Battery Operation Status field, replace the back-up battery.  Refer to the table below for additional Status and States.  The expected status and state for a functioning battery back-up are:
    • Battery Operation Status: TELEMETRY NORMAL
    • Battery Test State: Not Currently Under Battery Test
    NOTE: It may take up to 12 hours for the battery to reach a full charge.
    Battery Operation Status:Battery Test State:
    MISSING BATTERYNot Currently Under Battery Test
    TELEMETRY NORMALUnder Test - Initial Charge 
    Not Currently Under Battery Test
    BATTERY REPLACENot Currently Under Battery Test

    NOTE: The Battery Part Number is the Product ID on the label of the battery back-up.  For a complete list of supported battery back-up, refer to article # 17670 - SBV3202: Supported Battery Back-up Models

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