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SURFboard Manager (Android): Existing Connection Setup

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How do I setup the ARRIS SURFboard Manager App to connect to a SURFboard Wi-Fi product?
The ARRIS SURFboard Manager app offers users the ability to manage SURFboard Wi-Fi products directly from a mobile device.  Once the mobile device is connected, the app can be used to view connected devices in the home network, manage parental controls and wireless networks.  This document describes how to setup the SURFboard Manager app to connect to an existing setup.

The ARRIS SURFboard Manager mobile app for Android is available on the Google Play Store at no charge.

  • This SURFboard Manager App will only connect to the following SURFboard Wi-Fi products:
    • SBG6950AC2, DOCSIS 3.0 Modem with Wi-Fi
    • SBG7400AC2, DOCSIS 3.0 Modem with Wi-Fi
    • SBG7580-AC, DOCSIS 3.0 Modem with Wi-Fi, firmware version 9.1.103AA18 or higher
    • SBR-AC1200P, RipCurrent Router
    • SBR-AC1900P, RipCurrent Router
    • SBR-AC3200P, RipCurrent Router
    • SBX-AC1200P, operates as a wireless extender out of the box and the SURFboard Manager App will connect when it is in Primary Router Mode.
  • In order to connect the mobile device using the QR code, the SURFboard Wi-Fi product must be using the default Wi-Fi name and security password.  
  • ​The Android device must be connected to the Wi-Fi network of the SURFboard Wi-Fi product to manage.

Connection Setup
  1. Access the Google Play Store to search for ARRIS SURFboard Manager and download the app. 
  2. Tap the SURFboard icon.  The Terms and Services screen will appear.

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  3. Review the Terms and Services, then tap the I understand and agree button.  The Welcome to the ARRIS SURFboard Manager screen will appear.

    NOTE: If this is the first time connecting the App to the SURFboard Wi-Fi product, please refer to article #  17554 SURFboard Manager v4.1.x (Android): First Time Connection Setup​ for assistance.
  4. Tap the Already Setup Login here button.  The Login to your Wireless Gateway screen will appear.

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  5. Enter admin in the Username field, and password in the Password field.  Check the box for Please remember credentials for future access to automatically save the login credentials.

    NOTE: If the login password has been customized, enter the customized password.
  6. Tap the Login button.  The Select your time zone screen will appear.

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  7. Tap the Select your time zone link.  The Time Zone screen will appear.

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  8. Select the current time zone, then tap Done button.  The Select your time zone screen will return.

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  9. Check the box for Automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time to automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time.
  10. Tap the Continue button.  The Change Password screen will appear.

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  11. On the Change Password screen, tap the Skip button to keep the current login password, and skip to step 16.  To change the current login password, continue to step 12.
  12. In the New password field, enter the new password.
  13. In the Re-type new password field, re-enter the new password.
  14. Tap the Continue button.  The SURFboard prompt will appear.

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  15. On the SURFboard prompt, tap on OK.  The SURFboard home screen will appear.

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  16. The SURFboard home screen displays the Internet, Wi-Fi, and Devices status.  In addition to the Wi-Fi product's SSID.

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