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Wireless Setup on Microsoft Windows XP

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How do I setup wireless connection on my Microsoft Windows XP

This documentation provides information on configuring and verifying wireless connection on Windows XP Operating System.


To establish wireless connection:
  • Microsoft Windows XP with Wireless adapter and it's associated drivers must be installed on the computer.
  • Motorola or third party wireless gateway, router or access point must be connected to the Internet with Wireless enabled.
  • Must have wireless settings: SSID (Network ID) and Encryption Key (network key) if the SSID is secured.

To Setup Wireless Connection on Microsoft Windows XP

  1. Click on Start.
  2. Click on Control Panel.
  3. Click on Network and Internet Connections.
  4. Click on Network Connections.
  5. In the Network Connection screen,
    a.   Right-click on Wireless Network Connection adapter.
    b.   Select View Available Wireless Networks.

  6. In the Wireless Network Connection screen, you will see list of wireless network (SSID) that are being broadcast.

    NOTE: If the message "Windows cannot configure this wireless connection" appears, another third party wireless utility is enabled for connection.  Refer to the third party wireless utility documentation.

    a.   Select the SSID from the list.

    NOTE: If the SSID is not on the list, click the Refresh network list link.  If the SSID does not appear after clicking the link, check the settings in the wireless gateway or router.

    b.   Click the Connect button.

  7. If the SSID is secured, a prompt may appear asking for a network key.
    a.   Enter the Encryption Key in Network key and Confirm network key fields.

    NOTE: When entering the Network key, do not enter any spaces.

    b.   Click the Connect button.


To Verify Wireless Connection

  1. Right-click on wireless icon in the system tray and select Status.

  2. Status screen will display connection and wireless status.




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