Consumers - Video Tutorial: Cable Modem Installation

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Video Tutorial: Cable Modem Installation

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How do I install my cable modem?
This tutorial will assist you in installing your cable modem for a new or existing high speed Internet service.
This video tutorial is available to view on our ARRIS Youtube channel, or can be downloaded by using the instructions below. 
Click on the following link to watch the video on Youtube: ARRIS_ Cable Modem Set-Up
Follow these steps to download the video:
  1. Click on the link ARRIS_ Cable Modem Set-Up.
  2. Click the Download button on the bottom left.  
  3. Select Save as.  The Microsoft Save As window appears.
  4. In the Microsoft Save As window: 
    a.   Select Desktop.
    b.   Click the Save button.
  5. Double-click the video file from the Desktop.



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